9 Food Trends That Are Just “For The Gram”

Posted on April 30, 2018 |

Ok, people. This is getting out of control. I think I’ve officially hit sensory overload. Food culture has taken quite the turn over the years…and I blame Instagram. It’s true. We all eat with our eyes, first…but at what point is it JUST. TOO. MUCH? I say that time is now. Don’t get me wrong! I’m all about scrolling through my feed to figure out what’s for dinner. The problem is, it’s getting increasingly harder to filter through all the nonsense. How is one supposed to tell the difference between something that’s worth paying for, and something that just meant to be “for the gram?” Here’s a list of 9 food trends we wish would just stop, already:



“Hmmm….does this burger not look appealing enough on its own? I know!….Let’s put two more on top of it and see if it looks better!” At what point did that become a standard for food styling? I get it…it’s important to vary up the shot. I can even get behind the donut on the iced coffee. But nobody eats like that. You would never skewer your piece of pie with a straw to affix it to the top of your latte. It just doesn’t make sense.


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Now this REALLY has to stop. What is it about rainbows, edible glitter and cotton candy that makes our generation go nuts? Under all that artificial color usually lies a very mediocre product. It takes a lot of chemicals to get your donut to look like it just flew in from the Milky Way. If you had asked me 5 years ago what the new buzz words would be in this industry, I highly doubt I would have said: “Rainbow, Unicorn, Galaxy.” How did we get here?


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WHY. Why. Whyyyyyy are we combining foods just for the sake of combining foods? Tacos on pizza? Burgers on pizza? Mini pizzas on pizza? NO. That’s not fusion. It’s ridiculous. Leave pizza alone. Pizza is perfect.


Apparently, if you take a sushi roll….and you change it from a cylinder to a circle…you can call it a “donut.” Who’da thunk it? You literally can’t even pick it up without a square piece of nori on the bottom. It doesn’t stop there. Did you know that if you put nori on the bottom, layer on rice and add various sushi toppings…you can now call it a pizza? It’s absurd. There’s a reason they’ve been making maki in the same shape since the 1700’s. Leave sushi alone. Sushi is also perfect.


Instagram has taken #foodporn to an entirely new level. These photos are tapping into a seriously primal part of our brains…and it’s starting to make me a little uncomfortable. Especially dunking a burger into a vat of liquid cheese. It’s one thing to make your food look good. It’s another thing when it’s NSFW.


Nothing pains me more than watching a video of a perfectly wrapped burrito being torn open through the middle to show us that it is, in fact, stuffed with beans and rice. Shocker! All for more I.G. views. I mean I get it. Ever since the Instagram algorithm changed, it’s harder to get those views without executing the perfect #cheesepull. The more views, the more visibility. The more visibility, the more engagement. The more engagement, the more $$$. But why ruin a perfectly good meal (even if you did get it for free)?


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Super-sized food is not a novelty. It’s wasteful. It shouldn’t take an entire pizza tray to hold a donut. I shouldn’t need two hands to eat a slice of pizza. My sundae doesn’t need 19 scoops of ice cream. Big food does not taste better. If you’re not the host of “Man V. Food,” then what’s the point?


I’m all for getting a sweet bite. Give me a gooey cinnamon roll and I’ll be your friend forever. Give me a scoop of cookies and cream any day and I’ll be in heaven. You know what’s not cool? Taking said scoop of cookies and cream…topping it with sprinkles, gummy bears, sugar cubes, caramel, cookie dough, brownie batter, and Fruity Pebbles….then wrapping it in a blanket of cotton candy and topping it with peanut butter and whipped cream. Why not just eat all of it separately? It’ll taste better and last longer. Think about it…


So you got your sushi donut, unicorn milkshake and cotton candy burrito…it’s now time to take the perfect photo. Luckily, there’s a brightly lit neon sign on a painted white brick wall to act as your background. Or maybe it’s a chalk wall with a witty pun about cake. Whatever it is…it was made for this very moment. We’ve all done it. Because if we didn’t take the photo in front of the iconic sign…did it really ever happen?

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