About Beach City Food Tours

The goal of beach City Food tours is to help tourists and locals fall in love with Long Beach, and all it has to offer. We hope to educate people in a fun and unique way about what makes Long Beach one of California's top tourist destinations.

By highlighting local restaurants and vendors, Beach City Food Tours paints a picture of Long Beach as seen by actual locals. The partnerships we've created with these establishments help promote the city's local businesses and entrepreneurs. We're excited to show you what our great city has to offer!

Just come hungry...we'll do the rest...

Meet The Founder

Layla Ali-Ahmad

Layla started Beach City Food Tours in 2016 because of her genuine passion for food, making people happy, and the city she proudly calls home. After 4 years in the engineering industry, and 2 years in the wine industry, Layla left her “nine to five” in pursuit of a career she felt would bring her happiness. Having traveled to over 25 countries, and taken food tours around the world…she’s happy to report she’s finally found her calling.